We tend to take for granted that if we simply try harder, we get better at something. But just trying harder doesn’t mean we’re actually learning. Sometimes we need to simply do things differently – and for that we need to be able to learn.

Once you become aware of how you learn can  you can recognise new learning opportunities and take responsibility for leading your way forwards in your own life story.

Learning power is the fuel for learning journeys, navigated from purpose to performance, led from the inside-out and aligned with collaboratively negotiated change towards a more sustainable future  

The more you use your learning power the more it grows and becomes self-sustaining. You’re more willing to try out new ways of thinking and seeing the world, zooming in and zooming out and navigating your own learning journeys. Its the foundation for innovation, for re-invention and for change, and for joining-up-the-dots through systems thinking.

Once you realise that you can get better at learning, the sky’s the limit.  It gives you an advantage and an edge in almost anything you want to do. You can unlock your creativity and find your unique purpose aligned with your team and your organisation. You can ‘learn your way forwards’ finding innovative solutions to improve or transform the way you do things. It’s an ‘inside-out’ change process which values each person’s unique contribution.

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