Jearni provides online diagnostic tools, improvement strategies and coaching support to help your staff and students unlock their Learning Power and fulfil their potential at work, study, and in the community.

The rate of technological and social change is increasing. Personal and organisational success in this ever-changing world requires adaptability, agility and resilience, coupled with complex problem solving, creativity and critical thinking skills.

All of these human qualities are powered by the ability to learn and to keep learning.

Why choose Jearni?

Jearni can help anyone, at any stage of life, to:

  • Increase their Learning Power
  • Become a purposeful, self-directed learner

  • Sharpen their self-awareness

  • Solve complex problems that matter to them

  • Develop creativity and critical thinking and the courage to innovate

  • Improve listening skills and teamworking

  • Fulfil their potential at work, home and study

Jearni helps businesses to become ‘Learning Organisations’

Jearni’s unique Learning Power proposition works with individuals, teams and across entire organisations to support strategic, purpose-driven change and cultural transformation.

Learning Organisations will:

  • Successfully adapt to changing circumstances
  • Be more resilient

  • Increase return on training and development investment

  • Respond purposefully to new and more complex data

  • Learn to thrive on uncertainty and risk

  • Develop a dynamic corporate memory

Can Jearni help you?

If you are involved in any of the following, Jearni can help


Jearni works with schools to make online Learning Power self-assessment and coaching tools available for teachers to use as an integral part of their student workplans. This access can include staff, parents and the community.

Further & Higher Education

Jearni works with colleges and universities to make the online Learning Power improvement tools available to all students, to help improve academic outcomes, increase student satisfaction and well-being, and enhance employability skills.


Jearni works with businesses to seamlessly integrate individual, team and organisational Learning Power improvement with existing Learning and Development activities to drive sustainable improvement in business agility, adaptability and effectiveness.

Charity & Community Organisations

Jearni works with charities and community organisations to use Learning Power improvement to both increase their internal effectiveness and to enhance the service proposition for their users.

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