‘Susan’ is a young person in full time education. She seems content, she’s got friends inside and outside of her place of learning and she’s not attracting any attention to herself – either negative or positive.  She’s capable and well able to get by, particularly when the rules of engagement are clear.

The Invisible Learning Challenge: Susan’s Learning Power Profile

So what’s the invisible challenge?

We can see from her Learning Power Profile that she tends to ‘give up’ when the going gets tough. Or when she doesn’t know what to do. At the moment this is not causing any concern – apart from some punctuality issues – she seems to be doing fine.

But this won’t help  when she needs to come up with  her own ideas and develop Self Leadership. Self-Leadership through self-directed directed learning should be a focus of all learning institutions as a 21st Century competence. In the workplace it’s pretty critical for managing inevitable, ongoing change and developing innovative work cultures.

So how might we support Susan in getting ‘challenge ready’?

A Learning Conversation firstly looks ‘inwards’. Does my profile ring true? How does it connect to my experience? Can I tell my personal learning story so that this makes sense?  Secondly it looks ‘outwards’: how can I decide on what and how to change? How can I use my learning power strengths to develop an effective response to challenge, risk and uncertainty? Who can I call upon to help me?

If I were the learning coach for this young person (or older person in the workplace) here are three Next Best Questions that I would consider using, once I’d established a safe space and a trusting relationship.

      • Can you tell me a story from your recent experience that helps you understand your Learning Power Profile?
      • What would it feel like to ‘show up’ and present your ideas and questions in your group?
      • What project are you currently working on, that you care about, that would provide a context for you to practice your Self-Leadership and use your Learning Power to construct a unique contribution that matters?

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