Building 21C skills

Capture-1145282425-1542031578178.jpgIn 2016, the World Economic Forum forecast that over one-third of skills that are considered important in today’s workforce will have changed.

Developments in advanced robotics and autonomous transport, artificial intelligence and machine learning, advanced materials, biotechnology and genomics will transform the way we live, and the way we work.  Some jobs will disappear, others will grow and jobs that don’t even exist today will become commonplace. What is certain is that the future workforce will need to align its skill set to keep pace.

The way we learn is described by eight dimensions – the skills needed to thrive in the future, sometime referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, are tightly aligned with these dimensions of how we learn, with the top three skills being complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity

Learning Power

Understanding how we learn and becoming better at learning has never been more important.