Dimensions of Learning Power

Mindful Agency is being aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions as a learner and able to use that awareness to take responsibility, to plan and manage learning processes. The opposite is being ‘robotic’.

Sense Making is making connections between new information and what you know already and seeing that learning ‘matters to you’. The opposite of this is simply ‘gathering data’ which has no particular meaning for you.

Creativity is about using your imagination and intuition, playfulness and risk-taking. The opposite of this is being ‘rule-bound’.

Curiosity is wanting to ‘get beneath the surface’ and ‘dig deeper’. The opposite of this is being ‘passive’.

Collaboration is learning with and from others and also being able to apply that learning when alone. The opposite of this is either being ‘withdrawn’ or ‘over-dependent’ on others.

Belonging is trusting that you will be understood and find support from people around you when you need it. The opposite of this is feeling ‘alone’ or left out.

Hope & Optimism is seeing yourself as someone who learns and changes and makes progress over time. The opposite of this is being ‘stuck and static’.

Orientation to Learning is finding the optimum balance between the uncertainty and doubt that prompt and energize learning and the unwavering determination to get it done at all cost.  The opposites are at either extreme: fragility and dependence or rigid persistence.