Increased individual Learning Power helps staff at every level become:

  • More reflective and aware of themselves as purposeful learners and leaders

  • More confident and motivated to learn and innovate

  • Willing and able to take responsibility and ‘own’ their learning and change strategies

  • Keen to carry on learning and improving

  • More likely to attain and sustain higher levels of performance through systems thinking

  • More likely to fulfil their potential and increase their engagement

  • Able to develop and benefit from of a range of learning relationships

  • Better able to successfully manage change and transitions

  • More able to think outside the box and respond effectively to a changing world

Increased Team and Organisational Learning Power helps the business to become better at:

  • Turning increased learning effectiveness into continual improvement in business outcomes

  • Increasing ROI on existing L&D activity, and on major purpose-driven change initiatives

  • Improving staff satisfaction, driving enhanced staff recruitment and retention

  • Innovating across silos through systems thinking

  • Moving beyond lessons learned to dynamic corporate memory

  • Using and developing a shared language of learning

  • Measuring aspects of culture that were previously unmeasurable

  • Supporting new joiner transitions from education to business

  • Developing learning relationships with key business partners and the community