Increased individual and group Learning Power helps the community at every level become better at:

  • Engaging in the ’big conversations’ that matter in a particular community

  • Listening to, and including, diverse viewpoints and perspectives on shared problems

  • Identifying and pursuing opportunities for change that is meaningful to that community

  • Incorporating personal learning power into community change processes

  • Informing strategies for behaviour change at scale through learning and purposeful conversations

  • Linking learning to digital community engagement strategies

  • Integrating learning with implementation strategies for Sustainable Development Goals

Increased Team and Learning Power helps the provider organisation become better at:

  • Aligning personal purpose with organisational purpose

  • Empowering individuals and teams to self-organise and drive change from the ‘inside out’

  • Using and developing a shared language for learning

  • Being confident and motivated to learn and innovate

  • Being willing and able to take responsibility and ‘own’ their learning and change strategies

  • Being keen to carry on learning and improving

  • More likely to attain and sustain higher levels of performance through systems thinking

  • Fulfilling their potential and increase their engagement

  • Developing and benefiting from of a range of learning relationships