Leaders, teachers and students benefit from Learning Power improvement by

  • Becoming self-directed learners

  • Learning how to solve complex problems

  • Learning how to fail well

  • Being able to track and assess personal learning journeys

  • Acquiring 21st Century competences

  • Developing transferable learning capabilities

  • Developing self-leadership and reflective self-awareness

  • Developing learning relationships

  • Increasing well-being through resilient agency

  • Developing citizenship capabilities

Schools benefit from Learning Power improvement by:

  • Improved attainment and academic outcomes

  • A data dashboard for measuring wider outcomes and holistic leadership decision making

  • Developing creative and critical thinkers

  • Re-engaging young people at risk of exclusion

  • Agile teacher professional learning

  • Showcasing student innovation based on improved Learning Power

  • Richer learning conversations including with parents and community

  • A more effective and insightful language for learning