Keeping pace with change

Why is becoming a better learner a big deal?

The rate of technological and societal change is growing – individuals, businesses, educational bodies and governments are struggling to keep pace.

Personal and organisational success requires adaptability, agility, and the ability to support continual change in all aspects of life – at work, at study, and at home. 

These critical capabilities are all outcomes of our ability to learn – as individuals, teams and organisations.

However, global education systems are failing to deliver learning ability as an outcome. Research shows ‘Learning Power’ actually decreases as students’ progress through the educational system, with a low point at the transition from 6th Form to Higher Ed. (source: Learning & Self-Awareness – Small & Crick 2008).

Change graph

This is a pervasive problem across the globe – every country, industry and walk-of-life is impacted to a greater or lesser degree. There is broad and growing recognition of the problem, but there are few, if any systemic, research-validated and scalable solutions available.

Research shows sustained individual, team and organisational improvement in ability to learn is driven by purposeful coaching and mentoring conversations. At the core of the practical problem to be addressed is the question of how to deliver coaching for learning, at scale, in a digitally transformed world.

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