Learning Journeys in Schools

As a field, education has largely failed to learn from experience. Time after time, promising education reforms fall short of their goals and are abandoned as other promising ideas take their place…Rather than “implementing fast and learning slow” ….. educators should adopt a more rigorous approach to improvement that allows the field to “learn fast to implement well.”

Bryk et al (2015) Learning to Improve.

Leaders, teachers and students  benefit by

  • Becoming self-directed learners  
  • Learning how to solve complex problems 
  • Learning how to fail well
  • Being able to track and assess personal learning journeys
  • Acquiring 21st Century competences 
  • Developing transferable learning capabilities
  • Increasing well-being through resilient agency
  • Developing citizenship capabilities

Schools benefit by

  • Improved attainment and academic outcomes
  • A data dashboard for measuring wider outcomes and holistic leadership decision making 
  • Developing creative and critical thinkers 
  • Re-engaging young people at risk of exclusion
  • Agile  teacher professional learning
  • Working with Corporate partners to co-design Corporate Social Responsibility programmes
  • Showcasing student innovation based on improved Learning Power
  • A richer conversation with parents and community
  • Working with UN Sustainable Development Goals as themes for authentic problem solving

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