From Learning Emergence Partners to Jearni Ltd

From 1st July 2019 onwards, all Learning Emergence activities will migrate to the new brand, Jearni Ltd.

It’s a new brand identity – but please be assured everything else stays the same!

New Brand

Whilst Learning Emergence has a long and distinguished heritage from its early days as an informal academic network, it was felt that a shorter, sharper, and more digital friendly branding was appropriate for the business going forward, especially as we need a brand to work across multiple sectors such as schools, higher education and business.

As you’ll have gathered by now, our new name is ‘Jearni.’  We really hope you like it!

But we’re not losing Learning Emergence 😊  See below for details of the new Community Interest Company….

The Same Passion…

One of the rationales for originally using partnership structure was to demonstrate our values of inclusivity and leveraging Learning Power and the Learning Journey platform for the benefit of the entire community.

We’re proud to continue those values and principles, and to achieve this we have established a sister business to Jearni – a Community Interested Company (CIC) called Learning Emergence Community Futures. The CIC (as we call it shorthand!)  is an asset locked organisation, that is dedicated to undertaking Learning Power related projects and research that is not commercially sustainable and would not otherwise get done. It also allows us to take advantage of philanthropic funding sources not available to commercial business.

We’re proud to say the CIC is already up and running and has its first tranche of funding to enable us to employ a senior practitioner/researcher for 2 years to develop best practice in using Learning Power to help minimise school exclusions in England.

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