Universities use learning journeys to support students in becoming self-directed learners with a sense of purpose and the ability to engage collaboratively in complex problem solving – whatever their core discipline.

..wider formational outcomes of learning and development – those that address the broader purpose of higher education – should be put at the centre of our learning designs…

Designing the Future(s) of the University

Learning Journeys support student learning-to-learn and reflective agency within units of work in any discipline.  Working together with the self-assessment of learning power, they can be used to enhance self-directed learning in internships and apprenticeships where students have to identify the problem as well as develop innovative solutions.

Learning power underpins the creativity and big picture thinking required for systems thinking and transdisciplinary innovation and provide a framework for coaching conversations.

Learning Journeys

  • enable reflective agency, strategies and support for students at risk of dropping out
  • enhance active citizenship and service learning
  • support the development of emotional literacy through self-reflection and collaboration