Jearni helps prepare people to thrive in the 21st century

Jearni helps your students, staff and clients to develop the critical meta-skills and competencies that are key for success in the 21st century e.g. complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, adaptability etc.

Jearni is new and innovative – but built on solid foundations

Jearni offers a new and innovative learner-centred approach to improving learning effectiveness in the 21st century, but one based on the rigour of over 20 years of academic and practitioner research at the University of Bristol and around the world.

Jearni has a strong social vision and purpose

Jearni is a purpose-led organisation committed to making Learning Power diagnostic and improvement tools affordable and available to all learners at any stage of life, anywhere in the world.

Jearni is totally focused on supporting learners

Jearni adapts to and supports learners throughout their life, and through the major transitions in life-stages – from school, to college, to the workplace, and in the community.

Jearni has a highly motivated, experienced team

We’re a truly multi-disciplinary and purpose driven group, extending from the core business team to an extended global community of practice.

Meet the team